Papers presented

  • Mapping and Monitoring Rice Areas in the Philippines: The PRiSM Project Experience
    Alice Laborte, Andrew Nelson, Tri Setiyono, Jeny Raviz, Eduardo Jimmy Quilang, Jovino de Dios, Mary Rose Mabalay, Pristine Mabalot, Francesco Holecz, Massimo Barbieri, Arnel Rala, Francesco Collivignarelli, Luca Gatti, Mabel Barroga, Emma Quicho, Juanito Maloom, Aileen Maunahan, Prosperidad Abonete, Jean Rochielle Mirandilla, Cornelia Garcia, Harvey Gonzaga, Lorena Villano, Arturo Jr. Arocena, Hannah Zarah Bhatti
    International Symposium on Remote Sensing (2015)
  • Mapping Rice Areas In Mindanao Using The First Images From SENTINEL1A: The PRISM Project Experience
    Jeny Raviz, Mary Rose Mabalay, Andrew Nelson, Alice Laborte, Eduardo Jimmy Quilang, Jovino de Dios, Francesco Holecz, Massimo Barbieri, Francesco Collivignarelli, Luca Gatti, Pristine Mabalot, Jean Rochielle Mirandilla, Mabel Barroga, Juanito Maloom, Mary Jane Vives, Meriam Coñado, Harvey Gonzaga, Arnel Rala, Arturo Jr. Arocena
    ACRS 2015: The 36 th Asian Conference on Remote Sensing “Fostering Resilient Growth in Asia” (2015)
  • A first look at Asia using Sentinel-1A satellite imagery
    Andrew Nelson, Francesco Holecz, Massimo Barbieri, Luca Gatti, Francesco Collivignarelli, Jeny Raviz
    Rice Today (2015)
  • Using remote sensing technology to assess the damage caused by typhoon to the rice areas
    Roman Skorzus, Jeny Raviz, Ruvicyn Bayot, Alice Laborte, Andrew Nelson, Cornelia Garcia, Massimo Barbieri, Mabel Barroga, Harvey Gonzaga, Mary Rose Mabalay, Pristine Mabalot
  • PRISM: Developing an online information system about rice
    Hannah Zarah, M Bhatti, Juan Miguel Carlos V Abriol-Santos, Alice G Laborte, Andrew Nelson, Adam H Sparks, Arnel B Rala, Mary Anne, R Gutierrez, Denis Diaz, Arturo Arocena
  • PRISM presents milestones in rice production monitoring
    Lovella Guarin
    Department of Agriculture RFO-V (2015)
  • Mapping Rice in Philippines – when
    International Rice Research Institute (2015)
  • Rapid Assessment of Crop Status: An Application of MODIS and SAR Data to Rice Areas in Leyte, Philippines Affected by Typhoon Haiyan
    Mirco Boschetti, Andrew Nelson, Francesco Nutini, Giacinto Manfron, Lorenzo Busetto, Massimo Barbieri, Alice Laborte, Jeny Raviz, Francesco Holecz, Mary Mabalay, Alfie Bacong, Eduardo Quilang
    Remote Sensing (2015)
  • Towards an Operational SAR-Based Rice Monitoring System in Asia: Examples from 13 Demonstration Sites across Asia in the RIICE Project
    Andrew Nelson, Tri Setiyono, Arnel B Rala, Emma D Quicho, Jeny V Raviz, Lorena S Villano, Pongmanee Thongbai, Francesco Holecz, Massimo Barbieri, Pristine E Mabalot, Mabel I Barroga, Alfie P Bacong, Norlyn T Detoito
    Remote Sensing (2014)
  • Satellite imagery to soon enable large-scale monitoring of Asia’s rice areas
    International Rice Research Institute (2014)
  • Experiences from the RIICE and PRiSM projects for rice crop monitoring in Thailand and the Philippines
    Andy Nelson
    International Rice Research Institute (2014)
  • Satellite images map rice damage from typhoon
    International Rice Research Institute (2013)
  • Mapping Rice in Philippines
    Geospatial World (2013)